Industrial Fan and Blower
We are one of the top ranked Manufacturers, Exporters and Traders of Low, Medium and High Pressure Fans & Blowers. Our comprehensive range entails such as Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Fans, Industrial Fans, Roof Exhausters, Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors, and Fume Exhaust systems, Air Washer Units, Man Coolers, Bag Filters and Exhaust Ducting.

Our entire range of Air control equipment is manufactured using the latest plant machinery and process technology. We strictly implement international quality norms in manufacturing and quality control of air fans and blowers. For achieving this we have employed a team of expert and qualified professionals. Our team members work in a professional environment of the company to meet the overall needs of the customers.

The comprehensive range of equipment of our company is appreciated for high performance and low energy costs. To serve the clients in best ways, we have adopted easy payment modes, economical price policy and for some regions onsite equipment installation and maintenance services. Furthermore, we also continuously try to make innovations in our product designs for enhanced performance and low fuel consumption.
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Industrial Blowers

  • We fabricat our blowers using premium quality metal which is corrosion free and can withstand changing climatic conditions
  • Our industrial blowers give efficient and reliable results
  • We offer our Industrial Blowers at quite competitive rates in the open market.

Industrial blowers are large equipments used to move air in a small factory to a large manufacturing unit. Because of high temperatures that range in production units, it affects the working capability of machines and workers. With the use of industrial blowers, such polluted air is thrown out of the unit and new fresh air is moved in. The mechanism of an industrial blower is such that the wheels draw the air inside the structure of the blower and the axial fan throws out the polluted air.

Industrial blowers are well engineered and having high efficiency incorporating all the latest technologies. All types of centrifugal fan that we manufacture are designed to meet each customer's specific requirements. Our blowers are manufactured under strict adherence of quality norms so that they can match Indian and international quality standards. We have catered to the requirement of many industrial units till date and we have some of the most eminent clients on our list.

Centrifugal Fans

  • GI Duct and Fume Exhaust Blower
  • Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fan is industrial equipment designed to move air or gas in any industrial unit. The Centrifugal Fan is also called an industrial blower. The typical structure of a centrifugal fan comprise of a fan wheel which is made up of several fan blades or ribs mounted around a center. Centrifugal fans are used in increasing pressure in a gas stream and so it is popular equipment used for air pollution control systems. Centrifugal fans play vital role in central heating and cooling systems. Structure of centrifugal fan comprise of fan wheel, fan housing, drive mechanism and inlet/outlet.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Centrifugal Fans, which are made by using quality components, and are quality tested for impeccable performance. Our range of Centrifugal Fans is fabricated using quality stainless steel and mild steel. We have a state of art production line that is designed fabricate the best quality industrial centrifugal fans. We have a separate quality assurance cell and research cell to check quality norms at different stages of production. We have a satisfied base of eminent clients who use centrifugal fans manufactured by us.

Industrial Axial Fans

  • Industrial Axial Fan
  • Tube Axial Fans with Blower
  • ID Axial Fans

Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Axial Fan, Tube Axial Fans with Blower, Axial Fan, Axial Fans and ID Axial Fans from Pune

Multi Cyclone Fans

  • We have used premium quality materials and motors in constructing our fans
  • We manufacture and supply highly efficient, durable and reliable multi cyclone fans
  • We offer multi cyclone fans as per technical specifications given by our clients at quite reasonable rates.

Multi cyclone fans are used for dusting purpose in large manufacturing units with huge production process lines. Accumulation of dust particles and gases at high temperature reduces the efficiency of the machines and so a heavy duty multi cyclone fan or dust collector is used to blow away the large sized dust particles accumulated on the plant. The design of the multi cyclone dust collectors incorporates a twirl into the internal cylinder, which curtails inlet commotion that is frequently seen in conventional cyclones and speed up the formation of the centrifugal air flow. Multi cyclone fans are widely used in bio mass fueled combustion plants and coal powered boiler plants to clean smoke gases.

We manufactures and supplies a huge spectrum of Cyclone dust collectors which is used for the following purposes - when dust concentration and capacity treated are large and the particle size distribution of dust is comparatively large; pre-treatment is necessary for lightening the dust load of a highly efficient dust collector; and dusty gas at high temperature. Our manufactured Multi Cyclone is widely chosen among customer for having the following characteristics - high in collective efficiency, less in pressure loss, inexpensive installation, compact design, and so on.

Bag Filters

  • All the Bag Filters made in our company are provided at very reasonable rates that suit to customers’ budget.
  • To suit various applications we can offer Bags in Polyester, Ploy Propylene, Nomax, Ryton, Aramide and Glass Fibre.
  • We adhere to industrial quality standards which makes our Bag Filters withstand competition

Bag filters are filters used in industrial units for filtering dusty gases. The basic function of bag filter is to separate dust particles for dusty gases released by different production processes. The structure of a bag filter is made up of a fabric bag crafted using different kind of fabrics and a motor that powers the machine. Bag filters are considered to be the most efficient among all dust collectors because it can attain efficiency level up to 99%. The mechanism of bag filters works in a very smooth and convenient way. Bag filters are used in all industrial small or large units to collect dust particles blown out in toxic releases.

We are in manufacturing of highly durable and high performance Unit Dust Collectors used in diverse dust collection applications. These Mechanical Shaking Bag Filters are generally used for removing dust in industrial applications. In Pulsejet Bag Filters, particles are captured on the internal surface to cater the requirement of dust collection. We use our state of art production facility to construct and test our high performance oriented bag filters. We have a huge base of satisfied clients who appreciates our quality and service.

Man Cooler Fans

  • All the Products in this Category are best in quality & effective cost.
  • Man Cooler Fans are easily available in markets.
  • We use high quality raw materials which makes our fans efficient in performance.

Man cooler fans are designed to keep the body temperature of workers working in an industrial unit, cool. Because of automation all over the world, industrial units are getting fast automation. The machinery and other smoke and heat emitting equipments risen the temperature inside the working area and it becomes difficult to sustain good health in such conditions. Man cooler fans are designed to release high velocity air over a long distance thereby cooling the bodies of workers. The installation of man cooler machine can provide sustainable working environment.

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Industrial Man Coolers that are offered in tubular, column and pedestal mounting designs. Designed using the latest technology and technical advancements, these are fitted with cast alloy aluminum impellers for high effectiveness. Maintaining our consistency in providing high quality of coolers, we source our raw materials from renowned vendors of the industry. Trusted by our widely spread customer network, we strive to deliver our range of products within the stipulated time frame.

Industrial Air Ventilators

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
  • Certification: CE
  • Electric Current Type: AC
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
  • Surface: Galvanized

Leading Manufacturer of industrial air ventilator and air ventilator from Pune

Hot Air Circulation Fans

  • Type: Duct Mounted Fan
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Surface: Galvanized
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Material: Cast Iron

Hot Air Circulation fans are designed and produced to move hot air or gas in a closed structure of conventions ovens, cookers and climate control chambers. Typical structure of hot air circulation fan comprise of circulation blower and the drive motor that powers it. Hot air circulation fans have popular industrial requirements to meet because with increased number of machines in a production unit, the temperature inside the units has tended to rise which affects the working of both the machines and workers. In order to minimize the effect of high temperatures, hot air circulation fans are designed and manufactured.

We are offering a wide range of Hot Air Circulation Fans. These Air Circulation Fans are provided in customized sizes to suit the requirements of different sectors. Our state of art production line is equipped with advanced machinery and we have latest designs to manufacture different types of hot air circulation fans that find their use in various industrial units ranging from small factory to a large manufacturing unit. We believe in supplying customized products to our customers as per their technical specifications. Our hot air circulation fans are popular in the industry for their performance and reliability.

Roof Exhausters

  • Surface: Galvanized
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Usage: Industrial

Roof Exhausters as the name suggest is a kind of exhauster used in industrial shed to draw out air from the sheds. With the use of machineries and chemicals in the industrial units, release of gas and other toxic particles in the air has increased. To provide clean air to the industrial sheds, it is important to throw out the polluted air from the sheds via roof. Roof Exhausters are fitted on the roof of the industrial shed and has an impeller directly connected to the motor. The motor powers the impeller to pull the air and release it through roof.

Our Roof Exhausters is effective ventilation equipment used for exhausting air from the sheds. This roof exhauster can be used in wall or window applications which are incidental of severe wind conditions. All the models of our roof exhauster feature a weatherproof outer cowl. We can supply our roof exhausters as per the size specified by our eminent clients. We believe in delivering high quality roof exhausters who are manufactured in our state of art production facility that is equipped with latest machine and experienced staff. We offer two types of roof exhausters i.e. for inclined roof and flat roof.

Blower Application In Different Segments

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NNS International is serving with its strong infrastructure and technical team in the field of Fan and Blowers across the world including Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Ethopia, Iraq, Israil, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Russia, Sudan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Libya, Angola, Tanzania, Republic Of The Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, South Sudan, Benin. We export Industrial process Control and Measuring instruments of international brands to all the major cities like Algiers, Yerevan, Baku, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Baghdad , Jerusalem, Amman, Nur-Sultan, Nairobi, Erbil , Beirut, Abuja, Moscow, Khartoum, Ankara, Ashgabat, Tashkent, Sanaa, Tripoli, Luanda, Dar es Salaam (Dodoma), Brazzaville, Libreville, Malabo , N'Djamena, Accra, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Colombo, Dubai, Sharjah,Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Al Ain , Umm Al Quwain, Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Taif,Al Khobar, Dhahran, Kuwait, Manama, Tashkent, Port Sudan, Juba, Benghazi, Tema.

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